Great Email Marketing Content

Great email marketing content shows you're an expert

Email marketing content is the lifeblood of any healthy email list. It’s one thing to get people on your list. It’s quite another to keep them there. Once you have a new subscriber, the question immediately shifts to, “What should I send?”

Indeed, what kind of content makes great email marketing content, and what will push people away?

I don’t want you to underestimate the importance of this question. Too often I have seen intelligent men and women focus solely on getting the opt-in and spend little to no time crafting the kind of emails that will impress and keep subscribers interested and engaged.

My goal with this article is to give you some decent email marketing content ideas that you can put to good use to impress your subscriber base.

What is Email Marketing Content?

Before we go any further, we need to define our terms. What do I mean when I say email marketing content? I mean every bit of content you send to your subscribers. That includes emails, links, files, videos, etc – everything with which you ask your subscribers to interact.

This content can be produced by you personally. Maybe you’ve written a helpful email or have a quick tip to share.

It could be something you’ve had ghost written.

Or it could be content you’ve found around the web and simply want to share with your subscribers.

Every Bit of Your Email Marketing Content Should be Stunningly Good

Make sure to send only content that’s of the highest quality. Don’t forget that your subscribers do have the ability – and the right – to unsubscribe from your list should they so choose. You may have brought them into the restaurant, but you still need to date them.

If they aren’t impressed with what you have to say or offer, don’t expect them to stick around for long. Or, if they do stick around, don’t expect them to be engaged. Many men and women neglect this critical component, and thus find themselves with an unresponsive list that doesn’t open their emails.

Make sure your content rocks.

Types of Email Marketing Content

So hopefully you understand that your content needs to be awesome. But what kind of content should you send to your subscribers? What makes great content, and what shouldn’t you send? While this article is by no means meant to be an exhaustive look at all the types of content you could send, I want you to have at least a basic understanding of the various possibilities. Hopefully this will help you brainstorm your own ideas.

Teach a Lesson

Teaching emails are my personal favorite type of email marketing content. While it’s true the don’t directly make me money, they do something a bit more important in the long run: help people.

One of the reasons I build an email list is simply to teach people what I know. I know what I know, and I know it works. I’m hopeful that my lessons will be able to help someone else too.

That’s why my subscribers get quite a few teaching emails. These messages rarely if ever promote a product or service. I might mention one of my own products here and there, but usually these messages are simply a few paragraphs of Grade A, actionable information in hopes that someone will be helped.

Remember why your subscribers subscribed. They wanted a quick fix or answer to a problem or question. Information. They subscribed for information. Why will they stay? Because that information doesn’t stop coming.

I’ve seen some newbie marketers flip this on its head – to their own disappointment. They forget that their subscribers don’t subscribe just to subscribe. They start pushing this or that, and suddenly their subscribers jump ship because staying is no longer worth being bombarded with fluff and emails that help no one.

Take some time to teach.

Provide a Quick Tip

Quick tips, while similar to teaching emails, tend to be shorter and…well…quick. I’ll send one of these if I have a little trick I want to teach but don’t need to go terribly in depth.


90% of business is mindset. Maybe more. For many, success starts and ends in the mind. No, this isn’t some new age mind over matter crap. That’s just simple logic. If I believe that I’m going to fail, I probably will. If I’m driven to learn and grow and roll with the punches, I’ll do quite a bit better. Won’t I?

This is why I find it so important to teach a healthy mindset. I’ve been on both sides of the mindset game, and sometimes it’s a struggle to stay focused.

“Eyes on the prize,” as they say. I know what I want. I know my goal. If I let myself get distracted and take my eyes off the ball, it’s not going to well for me. I’m gonna swing and miss.

I know many out there are distracted. They don’t have their eyes on the ball. They’re swinging and missing and wondering why. Help your subscribes grow by helping them cultivate a healthy mindset.

Promote a Product or Service (Carefully)

A tiny portion of your email marketing content may promote a product or a service. I actually hesitated to include this one because it’s often done so poorly. Sadly, some have this idea that they should build an email list and then immediately start promoting affiliate products in the hopes of getting a quick buck. Sadly, that’s not how it works. It’s very easy to turn off your subscribers if you’re overly promotional.

When you do promote a product or service, make sure to not be obnoxious about it. Don’t be pushy. And for the love of all that’s good, research the product thoroughly before saying a word to your subscribers.


If you’re comfortable being on camera, record a video of yourself to send. Videos make excellent email marketing content. While it’s true that email has historically been dominated by text and images, video is becoming more and more ubiquitous. Use your phone and record a quick video message. It’s good for them to see your face once in a while and not just your words on a screen.


One of my other favorite types of email marketing content is free stuff. (Can you tell I have lots of favorites?) I love creating free products to give away. (In fact, I have a course that teaches this if you’re interested.)

This type of email content rocks because – well – who doesn’t love free stuff? Don’t forget that your subscribers most likely subscribed for something free in the first place. By giving them even more unexpected good stuff, you’re just reinforcing their confidence that they made the right choice.

Great Email Marketing Content Makes Your List Happy

This is one of those tricky things people tend to get wrong. Getting the opt-in is easy. Getting someone to actually subscribe is very simple. Keeping him on the list and ensuring he’s happy? That’s another thing altogether. I cannot overemphasize the importance of high quality content.

Every email you send needs to scream, “I know what I’m talking about!” You should be seen as the expert.

Every interaction your subscriber has with your content needs to be awesome. If it’s not, you’re risking not only your reputation but your business.