9 Kinds of Emails Your Subscribers Want to Read – What Should You Send to Your Email Subscribers

9 Kinds of Emails Your Subscribers Want to Read

If you’re trying to build an online presence, you need to be building an email list. No exceptions. But, since you’re reading this post, I assume you know that. That’s a task in and of itself. There are lots of technical pieces that have to fit together, and there’s plenty of work to do. But again, I’m assuming you know all of that.

It’s after you start getting subscribers that things get interesting. Getting email subscribers is great, but what should you send to them after they’ve subscribed?

What should you send to your email list?

This is one place many new email marketers get tripped up. They master the science of the lead magnet and landing page but get tongue tied once they have subscribers.

It’s like putting in tons of thought and effort into asking out your love interest. You sit down for your first date, and you’re speechless. You have no idea what to say.


I’ve been there.

“Uh…. Hi?”



Yeah. Not a great scene. If there were a fly on the wall, I’m pretty sure even it would be covering its face. Yikes.

Say something! Anything!

Before we get too far, I want to make something clear. This isn’t an exact science. The important thing is that you’re saying something. Don’t spend too much time navel gazing, proofreading, and never hitting send.

When I was just starting out when email marketing, I had no idea what to send to my email list. I felt pretty good about getting subscribers on my list. But after that? Uh….

What should I send? Just promote stuff? That seems kinda lame. I didn’t want to be that guy who just blasts his list with promotional stuff. No one wants that. I don’t. You don’t. So I was stuck.

See, I had this idea that everything I send has to be immaculate. If my emails aren’t perfect, I’m going to fail at this gig. I thought, “Man, I really don’t have any value to provide these people.”

Today, I know that’s a bunch of crap.

Look, my purpose in writing this post isn’t to turn you into an overly introspective navel gazer. Don’t waste too much time trying to dot every “I” and cross every “T.” This post is simply to give you a general of what to send to your email list. These are the kinds of emails I know email subscribers actually want to read.

Sound good? Sweet.

Blog Posts

If you’ve published a sweet new blog post that’s relevant to your email subscribers, send them a link! Or, if you prefer, send them the full text of the post in an email. Just remember, sending a link to the post will help to boost traffic to your blog. So if that’s one of your goals, plan accordingly.

Blog posts are great to send to your email subscribers as long as they are focused on answering a question or solving a problem.

Blog Post Round-Ups

If it’s been a while since you’ve referred your email subscribers to your blog, send them a list of relevant blog posts. I do want to stress the word relevant here. Don’t send your subscribers posts from a different niche or that don’t. Remember your demographic.

This kind of email can be laid out like a newsletter – or as a simple list. Don’t overthink it.

Actionable Tips

Whatever your niche, if you know something quick and simple that can improve the lives of your subscribers, pass it along. Make sure your advice is something they can act on and do.

Again, don’t over think this. If I say, “Hey, doing XYZ will increase your landing page conversions. Go try it.” You can immediately go implement that tip.

Affiliate Products

Promoting products as an affiliate is one of many ways to make money from an email list. When these products are purchased through your affiliate link, you receive a cut of the sale. Sweet.

Now, before you go click happy and start promoting every product known to man, check yourself and make sure that what you promote doesn’t suck.

In my early days of affiliate marketing, I didn’t put much thought into making sure the products I promoted were actually worthwhile. I thought, “Hey, they couldn’t sell this if it sucked, right?” Wrong. Unfortunately that’s not how the Internet works. Don’t ever promote an affiliate product to your list unless or until you have personally verified it’s worth their time and money.

This is how I look at it: If I wouldn’t want to buy this product if I were in your shoes, I’m not going to ask you to buy it. I think anything else would simply be hypocrisy.

Free Resources

People love free stuff. In fact, for many of your subscribers, that’s probably how they got on your list. If you can point out free resources that will make their lives and businesses better, your subscribers will love you forever. This is a fantastic item to send to your email list.

But, just like affiliate products, there are plenty of crappy free products and resources on the web. Do your email subscribers – and yourself – a favor and ensure that any resource you recommend is actually worth your email subscribers’ time.


Email marketing is a two way street. Did you know that? Not only can you send content to your subscribers, but you can get feedback and develop real relationships with them. How cool is that?

One of the best ways to start doing that is to simply ask questions.

A few months ago, I emailed one of my lists with the question, “I’m working on a new course. Do you prefer video or text or both when you’re learning?” I had several excellent responses.

I know full well that any given person may prefer one over the others, but it’s nice to get my subscribers involved. Maybe I have a majority who prefer video. Maybe most prefer text. Doesn’t matter to me. But by asking that question, I’ve involved them in the decision making progress, and I was able to use their feedback to develop a course I knew they would like best.


To be honest, I’ve not used surveys. I typically like to ask little one-off questions of my subscribers, but I have many marketing friends who absolutely swear by sending surveys to their email subscribers. Go for it if you want.


Most of this or any other business has to do with your mindset. Business is 90 percent in your mind. Did you know that? Oh, sure, there are external factors beyond your control, but there are many internal factors that sit squarely between your ears. These factors are well within your control.

If you can’t tell, I love to motivate people. As someone who used to be very negative, I now understand the power of a proper mindset. If I’m negative about my business and my ability to do well, then of course I’m going to fail. Hard. I’ll give up and go sit on the sideline and throw in the towel.

I know. I’m mixing my metaphors. Bear with me for a moment.

I know full well that the road to success is paved with failure – but the difference between a successful person and failure of a man is simple: mindset. It’s not money. It’s not tools. It’s mindset.

I don’t care if you have all the fancy marketing tools. I don’t care if you’ve paid thousands of dollars for training and coaching. If you’re not in the right headspace, your ship is sunk before it even sets sail.

Knowing this, I love to send motivational emails to my subscribers. I want to encourage them to keep pressing on and keep doing what they know they need to do. Plus, people love this kind of stuff.

Training and How-To’s

Finally, I love to send training emails. Yes, I have courses that teach how to do various things. That’s cool. That’s nice. Whatever. I like giving people a bit more. If I’ve just learned something cool, I want to teach you how to do it.

If my subscribers are asking how something works, awesome. Let’s talk about that.

No matter what your niche, if appropriate, teach something. In so doing, you’re adding value and establishing yourself as an authority in your field. That’s a beautiful thing. Don’t underestimate how powerful this is.

You DO Have Something to Say to Your Subscribers

I know many of you have this horrible mentality that you have nothing good to say to your subscribers. Let me tell you right here. Pay attention. That’s a load of crap.

That was my mentality for a long time after I started email marketing. Thankfully a good friend snapped me out of it.

Your subscribers subscribed for your emails. Whether they did so to get a free eBook or bootcamp or video series or fill in the blank… They did so, because they saw your content as valuable and worthy of their time.

So buckle up, buttercup. It’s time to get over the “I have nothing to say” mentality. As soon as you do, your confidence will be drastically improved, and you will be so much more comfortable writing the real content your subscribers will love.

The ideas above are not exhaustive. There really is no end to what to send to an email list.

But, I hope this post has helped you to brainstorm a bit and see, “Ah, yeah. I do have something to say!”

Because you do. You just need to find your voice.