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Don't let anyone tell you list building is difficult. It's not.

Building an email list is one of the most important things you can do online – whether your goal is to make money online or to bring in more local customers. If you don’t have a list, you’re fooling yourself.
But there are those who would have you believe it’s some mysterious, difficult thing – that you have to have every one of your ducks in a row to make it work.

That’s such a lie.

The truth is, building an email list is one of the easiest things you will ever do online. But you won’t hear that from any of the “gurus” out there. They want your money and don’t care if you succeed or fail.

Forget them.

I want to teach you how to build your email list the right way without spending tons of time or money. I don’t care if you’ve been around the marketing world for years or if you’re brand spankin’ new. If you follow what I teach you, you will build an email list and love it.

I want to teach you to build a list for free.

Look, I know there are forty billion “gurus” out there claiming to be the greatest thing since sliced bread. They’re after your money.
Screw that.
I’m not one of those. I’m just a guy who knows how this game works, and I want to turn the industry on its head and teach you everything I know. For free.
List building isn’t hard or mysterious. I want to teach you how to build your own email list from the ground up – even if you’ve never done anything like this before. That’s what this free list building course is all about. Let’s do this thing.
Do you wish someone could take you by the hand a walk you through building an email list, step by step? That’s what I’ve aimed to do with ListBootcamp, a completely free course that walks you from start to finish.
You’re going to learn not only the how but also the why. Don’t learn stale theory. Learn real, practical, “this is how we do it” awesome sauce.
By the time you finish this free list building course, you will understand more than the majority of marketers out there.
And you will have learned it all for free. Free is a very good price.

Here's what you'll learn in this list building course.

My free list building course covers quite a bit of ground. It’s perfect for everyone – from novice to experienced marketer.

Choose a Niche

Learn my tricks to pick a niche that you'll love while you laugh all the way to the bank.

Bait the Hook

Create a freaking awesome opt-in offer that will make your subscribers love you forever.

Design Without Code

Watch as I create a beautiful landing page without writing a bit of code.

Find and Drive Traffic

Learn how to attract visitors who want what you're offering. Make your audience come to you - easily.

Send the Right Message

What should you send to your subscribers once they've subscribed? This is what most people get horribly wrong.

Get Your Emails Opened

Don't let your emails sit in your subscribers' inboxes. Learn my tricks for getting emails opened and read.

Products That Don't Suck

Promoting the wrong products can destroy your reputation. Learn to find the good and avoid the bad.

Keep Your Subscribers

Learn to avoid the painful mistakes that kill trust, ruin your open rates, and push subscribers away.

Ready to get started building your own email list? Heck yes you are!

Are you ready to join me and start your journey? Are you ready to stop struggling to build an email list? Are you ready to finally build that base of subscribers you know your business desperately needs?
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Why My Free List Building Course Rocks

ListBootcamp isn’t a boring email series that merely touches the surface of building an email list. You’ll learn how to develop an idea into a winning product and build a list all for free. Even if you have no experience building a list, you can put the information in ListBootcamp to use for you.
There are plenty of list building courses out there. I’ve been through several – and hated them. They don’t go into enough detail, and they’re all theory.
I’ll show you exactly what you need to do to build your list even if you have no experience whatsoever. I think you’re going to love this.
If that sounds good to you, hit that big, yellow “Send me the free list building course” button, and I’ll see you on the inside!

Build your list.
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