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Learn how to build a massive, profitable email list from the ground up - even if you have no prior training!

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Most people are building their lists the wrong way, wasting hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

My FREE video course will teach you everything you need to know to build your list, keep your subscribers happy, and make money - in record time!

Here's What You'll Learn...

  • Choose a Niche

    Learn my tricks to stop dragging your feet and pick a niche already!

  • Bait the Hook

    Learn how to create a fantastic opt-in offer that will make your subscribers love you.

  • No Coding Required!

    Watch as I create a beautiful lead capture page without writing any code.

  • Add Subscribers

    Learn how to get your subscriber from your lead capture page to your autresponder.

  • Drive High Quality, Target Traffic

    Learn how to attract visitors who want what you’re offering. Get real, human eyes on your lead capture pages.

  • Send the Right Message

    What do you send to your subscribers once they’ve subscribed? This is what most people get wrong.

  • Keep Your Subscribers

    Learn to avoid the painful mistakes that will destroy your email list and derail your business.

  • Find Products That Don't Suck

    Promoting the wrong products to your subscribers can destroy your relationship faster than a jackrabbit with a jackhammer.

  • Get Your Emails Opened

    Don’t let your emails sit in your subscriber’s inbox. Learn my tricks for getting emails opened and read.

Who Is This Guy?

My name is Michael Swengel! I've been in the Internet Marketing space for a few years. I've learned what works - and what doesn't. I'll teach you how to grow your list and your business without breaking the bank. You'll learn from my mistakes and successes.

I don't claim to be some super guru. I'm just a guy who knows a few things. Will you let me help you?

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